Small Group Personal Renewal Series
**Due to COVID-19 we had to cancel the last two sessions of our small groups back in March. The last two sessions will be held again on Monday 9/14 and 9/21 at 6:30 pm at the Lighthouse Church. 
   Our small groups is where we take time together, in smaller community, to share our stories, celebrate our personal victories, challenge our faith, and be authentic in how we’re feeling, thinking and growing. Small groups have a stand-alone function. They are a place to enjoy the beauty of how God works in us and others. If you have questions about the campaign process or ideas do not hesitate to communicate with your Small Group leader or anyone on the campaign team.
Contact Mona Osterweil,, to get involved in a group!
Group meeting times and locations are below:

Sunday @ 5:00 pm

Host: Phil and Mona Osterweil
Location: Hazel Dell
Kid Friendly!

Monday @ 6:30 pm

Host: Larry and Sherry Obernberger
Location: East Vancouver/ Ward Rd

Monday @ 7:00 pm

Host: Kevin and Penny Deuvall
Location: SE Hazel Dell Near St Johns

Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

Host: Mark and Camille Osier
Location: Orchards near the church

Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

Host: Merle Blondino
Location: Camas  

Thursday @ 6:30 pm

Host: Matthew Paulson
Location: Downtown

Friday @ 6:30 pm

Host: Mike Blondino
Location: At the Church
Kid Friendly!