On behalf of the 2020 capital campaign team, we welcome you to the Growing Our Legacy church development campaign! Our goal is to raise $387,000 over the course of the next 3 years. These funds will be used to grow the church by 17% each year and poise us to potentially purchase property in the near future.  In this campaign effort, our focus is to give God the glory, to bear much fruit and to show ourselves to be His disciples (John 15:8).


Here are a few key activities for you to prepare for:

  • All members are being asked to attend one of the 8 small groups going on throughout the campaign. Each group will host approximately 10-12 people and last over a 5-week period. The groups will focus on building personal commitment to doing God’s will. To see what is available, see our Small Groups page!
      • Due to COVID-19 the last two sessions of the small groups were cancelled. These two sessions have been rescheduled for Monday 9/14 and 9/20 at 6:30 pm at the Lighthouse Church. Everyone is welcome to attend
  • Sign up to receive the daily devotionals via e-mail – mona@lighthouse-church.net
  • Campaign pledge cards will be collected starting September 20th. It is never too late to get involved in the campaign. Pledge cards can be made available upon request.
  • We will restart the campaign and celebrate with a banquet the evening of September 27th. Please save the date; RSVP cards will be sent out shortly.

We look forward to connecting with you throughout this process and seeing God’s will unfold in each and every life.


---Our Team Leaders


Ben Edman – Campaign Manager 503-319-9359 ben.edman.pdx@gmail.com

Mike Blondino – Pastor 360-513-4794     m.blondino@blondinodesign.com

Monique Murray – Sunday Morning Coordinator 360-910-5848   cayannagirl@hotmail.com

Matthew Paulson – Communications Director 360-433-1819               mpaulson11@georgefox.edu

Holly Blondino – Banquet Director 360-448-1957               hblondino@hotmail.com

Judi Richardson – Prayer Coordinator 360-953-1077         judi.richardson@gmail.com

Mona Osterweil – Small Group Coordinator 360-609-2461             mona@lighthouse-church.net